Sandra Zanotto

Director of Amazon Doors technical and scientific consulting firm, where she has worked since 2015 in the structuring of supply chains of Amazonian raw materials and in the area of research and development of products and processes with Amazonian ingredients. Sandra completed his doctorate in 2003 in Organic Chemistry at UFSC. Sandra participates in the MDR Biodiversity Routes Working Group and cooperates with the Local Ecoproductive Arrangement of RedesFito/Farmanguinhos/Fiocruz activities in the Amazon Biome. She is a Researcher accredited in the Graduate Program in Biodiversity and Biotechnology of the BIONORTE Network. Sandra participated in the Program of Innovation Management to implement the BIONORTE Network and Sustainable Use of Amazonian Biodiversity at UFAM, coordinating the development of a Web System Database of the BIONORTE Network on the sustainable use of Amazonian biodiversity. In 2006, Sandra organized, at the Amazonas State University – UEA, the research group interested in selecting enzymes from the Amazonian fungal diversity, aiming biotechnological applications as an alternative for the sustainable use of this biome. At UEA, Sandra also coordinated and implemented the Center for Instrumental Support of Chemical and Biological Analysis – NAI. In 2012, she was the General Coordinator of Research and Graduate Studies at the University Center Uninilton Lins. Sandra was a fellow of the MCTI Capacity Building Program at the National Institute for Amazon Research – INPA and, in 2016, she joined the Amazon Biotechnology Center – CBA, where she served as a researcher in the Technological Project for Development of Prototypes of Functional Beverages based on Amazonian Fruits and Coordination of the Thematic Project for Sustainable Use of Endopleura Uchi bark.

PANEL 11 Innovation in Amazonian Phytotherapics for a Green Industrial Policy

6/22 – Tuesday

11: 00 am – 12: 30 pm (BRT)

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