Who makes the F2iBAM

The F2iBAM proposal was conceived by the Bioeconomy Working Group (WG on Bioeconomy) of the initiative Uma Concertação pela Amazônia (An Orchestrated Action for the Amazon), of which the State Secretariat for Economic Development, Science, Technology, and Innovation of Amazonas (SEDECTI-AM) is a member. The Orchestrated Action for the Amazon is a network that began to form in 2020 and already brings together more than 200 leaders from various segments of Brazilian society with the common goal of defragmenting sustainable development initiatives in the Amazon, expanding their impacts.

The WG on Bioeconomy was gradually formed over the last months of 2020 and consolidated in early 2021, motivated by the existence of different views on the bioeconomy in the Amazon context and by the implications of this diversity of Bioeconomy for business, investments, and public policies, as recorded in the article The Value of Diversity for the Bioeconomy, which resulted from the WG’s first discussions and guided the structuring of F2iBAM.

Besides being a collective construction, the development of the F2iBAM program was adopted as guiding principles: the conservation of Amazonian biodiversity, the use of science and technology for the sustainable use of biodiversity, and the reduction of social and territorial inequalities expansion of biodiverse and sustainable forested areas.

Throughout the process in which the organizing committee developed the concept for the event, other partners joined the planning, as was the case of the Interstate Consortium of the Legal Amazon. The WG on Culture and Education, in turn, discussed ways to integrate the sociocultural diversity of the Legal Amazon to the event and made the connection with Amazonian artists whose works illustrate the public relations materials. One of the goals of this working group is to ensure that art and culture are always included in the debates, going beyond the illustrative and entertainment aspects and bringing out sensitive information. Other important partners are the Inter-American Development Bank and other sponsors of this Forum.


A post-modern, high-tech riverine, born and raised amid rivers, streams, forest trails, and intense experiences with riverside communities and traditional Amazonian peoples. This Amazon and its peculiar smells, colors, flavors, compositions, and traditions is what inspires me and become the raw material for creations that travel through digital and analogical paths.
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Chermie Ferreira, 33, Amazonian, 17 years in urban art, most recently she also became Wira Tini, whose meaning in Kokama is White Bird. As a fish, she swims strong and overcomes any watercourse, and like a bird, she flies far to meet the world and pay homage to her people and her personal history.
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Rakel Caminha, 27, is a Multimedia Artist, graduated in Publicity and Advertising. She works as an advertiser and an artistic developer of projects. She works in several techniques, including creating graphic arts for CD covers, book illustrations, and collective and individual exhibitions.

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