Anna Mohr

BaumInvest / Fundo de Pensão Alemão – Costa Rica ​

Anna Mohr is a geographer who has been working for the German-Costa-Rican reforestation company BaumInvest for five years now. At BaumInvest, Anna is responsible for coordinating research programs in the field of forest management with native species, which the company executes in cooperation with Costa Rican and German universities. She is also responsible for marketing and sales activities.

Before joining BaumInvest, Anna was a researcher at the Centre for Development Studies in Bonn where she worked in a research project, developing a food security add-on for certification standards for biomass. Her PhD was also focussed on certification standards for biomass highlighting the case of different companies in Brazil.

Capital paciente: florestas nativas e o investimento de longo prazo

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